Youth Club

Youth Club picks up from Children's Services and takes older children (aged 13-19, or up to 25 if you have a learning or physical difficultly) through the next stages of their development.

The youth club operates in term time on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 6.30pm-9pm.

In addition, the youth team also deliver a range of other activities over half term and the holidays, both on site in Walmer Road and off site, providing the opportunity for sports, trips to the theatre, residential courses and other off site activities.

The Youth Club programme aims to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to help young people make a smooth transition from childhood through adolescence into adulthood. All activities promote learning and wellbeing. All our young people are evaluated and development is tracked and encouraged. RPT's team capture the ethos of life: skills and attitudes learnt here can help young people to get and keep jobs, as well as to fit into and help the community at large.

Youth Club Rules

The Youth Club operates a set of rules to ensure a good and welcoming environment for all our young people; these are reinforced by our highly trained youth workers to provide a safe and relaxed place for them, away from an outside environment that is rough and occasionally dangerous.

An RPT youth worker is "a key that fits many locks". They are prepared to be many things to a young person: teacher, in loco parentis, friend, older brother/ sister figure. They are there to help and give advice, to be someone that a young person can trust and talk to.

They are also aware that the world young people inhabit changes fast, and are flexible enough to keep up with them while being constant enough to provide a point of stability in their lives. They watch out to make sure that children are sufficiently prepared for secondary school, and are happy to help write CVs for those leaving school and seeking employment.

Above all they realise that young people need consistency, particularly when they do not have it at home or elsewhere in their lives.

There is also a Youth Forum where all users of the Club can express their opinions. Young people are free to suggest new rules or ways of adapting old rules. They can also suggest and lobby for new activities. This helps to empower them and understand notions of good citizenship.

Register for Youth Club

If you would like to register for our Youth Club, please follow the link below to register on our Magic Booking system. You will need to create an account for yourself (if you are 13+) or for your child(ren). Once you have entered your details, you will need to add 'Rugby Portobello Trust' as the centre you want to attend.

If you are already regsitered on Magic Booking, you won't have to register again. You will simply have to add ‘Rugby Portobello Trust’ as a centre and choose Youth Club as the session you want to book on to.

Click here to register for Magic Booking.


For more information please contact:

The Rugby Portobello Trust
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Service Manager Leone Buncombe
P: 0207 229 2928

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