New Homes Team

In our initial response to the Grenfell Tower disaster, RPT rapidly established a New Homes Team to support residents into their new accommodation and to help them access the various grants that became available, both through the local authority and from private donations.

The team also coordinated the distribution of IT equipment (laptops, tablets and mobile phones) donated by Apple, Google, Fujitsu, Talk Talk and others to help families affected reconnect with loved ones and access their personal accounts, as well as essentials donated to us by various businesses, including Dixons, Boden, New Look and countless others.

Ongoing Support 

Although we anticipated that the New Homes Team would be a short-term project to address the immediate needs of the community, in the days and weeks after the fire it became clear that the  ongoing support needed to enable people to rebuild their lives meant the team would continue for at least twelve months. Our support will only end when all residents have been offered and accepted permanent accommodation, ensuring evceryone has successfully re-settled and has received all support necessary to move on.

Our team at RPT has been delivering services to the local community for over 15 years and over 100 years before that under other names including, Portobello Trust, Portobello Houseshare and the Rugby Clubs. RPT has been able to use this trust and relationships built-up over time to lead the programme of resettlement and support. Many of those affected are already known RPT service users and our staff are known to them, allowing residents to be confident that they will be treated as people, not numbers, by someone who knows them and their individual circumstances.

If you were a resident of Grenfell Tower or the Walkways, and need support accessing the grants and accommodation you are entitled to, please get in touch via the contact details below.


We are available, by appointment, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

The Rugby Portobello Trust
221 Walmer Road
W11 4EY

0207 229 2928

Or you can contact Service Manager Leone Buncombe at:

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