Man Cave

Man Cave is a programme working with young men 14-19 (up to 25 SEND), providing a safe environment for them to discuss a range of issues, where they can express themselves honestly and openly to support their understanding of particular topics, to improve their own wellbeing, and relationships they have with others. 
The programme we offer is based on our successes and learning from the past year, and feedback from the young men about what they most value. Attendees will be referred from Social Services, St Giles Trust (gang affiliation issues and police referrals) and other RPT services.  

Man Cave operates in term time on Thursday evenings from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.

At the beginning of the session, the young men can choose activities they want to undertake.  
For those wanting to undertake physical activities there is access to a gym or basketball court, supported by professional instructors. They will then come together to prepare, cook, and eat as a group. The hot meal is central to this session, and may be the only hot meal some have to eat for several days.
To promote responsibility and community everyone is involved and will have a task. This has helped our young men understand to enjoy the meal, they must take part in helping. 
While sharing the meal, the young men have an open discussion aimed to help broaden their horizons and challenge them to consider alternative perspectives. We address topics such as: physical and mental health, fitness habits, positive affirmation, masculinity, discovering our personal goals, dreams and developing ways to pursue them. These are just some amongst many others.

Alongside these discussions we will offer positive affirmation sessions, in which the young men write something positive about each other, and read the comments about themselves. After some initial feeling out of their comfort zones, the group fed back how much they enjoyed this activity. We plan to offer this more regularly to encourage building positive relationships. 
We sometimes offer items such as hygiene packs to support the young men, particularly in the light of the cost of living crisis. 

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