Magic Mums Club

Magic Mums is RPT's parenting programme, which has been running successfully since 2012. It has been shown to have a profound and lasting impact, strengthening families and helping mums to develop their parenting skills. The group is supported by a professional facilitator who has skills and experience in Positive Parenting and Strengthening Families.

We run three sessions per week during school terms on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, (Wednesday sessions are currently online), with about ten mothers per session. Mums can bring their younger children (up to school age), who will be supervised during the course by qualified staff and supervised volunteers.

Currently, we are offering a healthy breakfast before our Magic Mums session prepared by our in-house chef. There is also the opportunity to join off-site trips and activities with your children. Some mothers attend more than one session per week, depending upon the level of support they need, and there is no finite time that a mother can access the service.

The Co-ordinator, Kirstin Edwards, provides additional support for mothers by liaising with social services, signposting to other wellbeing support services and enabling mothers to access volunteering and work opportunities.

As well as enjoying Magic Mums, mothers can access a baby clothes and equipment service where every conceivable object to do with babies is available! They are kindly donated by families whose children have grown up.


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Information for parents: Please take a moment to read our Privacy Statement for parents of children under 13, about how we process your child's information when entering our services.