Terms and Conditions

All information collected is for the safety and well-being of RPT members.

Please note that RPT, its agents, employees and representatives cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to personal property and RPT reserves the right to refuse participation of any person if there are concerns raised by the information submitted on the form and also due to the misbehaviour of any young person.

By filling in and submitting a form consent is given for a young person to participate in RPT's activities.

Consent is also given for a person to be chaperoned by RPT to and from activities on the programme. (People are chaperoned to activities by both public and private vehicle and as a pedestrian.) RPT's accompanying staff are responsible for their supervision and all reasonable care is provided.

By filling in and submitting a form agreement is given that the young person can be expected to and will respect RPT's code of conduct, behaving in a mature and responsible manner.

Furthermore, form submission is an acknowledgement that the young person has read and understood the terms and conditions of membership and agrees to abide by these and any decision made by RPT.

RPT requests that any changes to the data for a young person submitted within a form are supplied in writing as soon as possible.

Please email: info@rpt.org.uk with these changes.

Any changes to the young person's medical circumstances either prior to or during the programme should also be supplied immediately in writing to ensure they recieve appropriate support when they attend.

Please email: info@rpt.org.uk with any changes in medical circumstances.

Please note that in an emergency RPT or one of its representatives may authorise medical treatment for a young person including anaesthetic if it is not practical to consult the named responsible adult or the emergency contact(s) first.

By submitting a form consent is given to indemnify the project and its representatives, agents and employees from any responsibilities given to them, in relation to acting in 'loco-parentis' in the case of an acute medical emergency.

Furthermore, form submission is an agreement to indemnify the project, its representatives, agents and employees from all liabilities in relation to loss or damage suffered or caused by the named young person where they have not followed reasonable instructions given to them.

Please note that photographs and audio and visual recordings of members engaged in activities at RPT and facilitated by RPT off-site may be used for RPT promotional purposes, including social media. All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure your preferences and privacy are respected in this regard.

The information provided will be kept on a computer database which will only be accessed by RPT and where appropriate information is shared with RBKC.

By submitting a form consent is given for all the above and you are confirming that the  information supplied is complete and accurate.