Amplify Creative Arts programmes

Catch up with what's been happening in our Amplify programmes from summer to autumn...

Creative Hub

In terms of the future, one of the real strengths of RPT is our ability to move quickly in response to new and emerging needs. The pandemic is dramatically affecting young people’s hopes and dreams for their future.

RPT’s creative arts programme Amplify is needed now more than ever and is a perfect vehicle to help young people gain skills, work experience and careers in the creative arts industries. We are incredibly excited to have taken on the lease of the building opposite RPT where we have put in for pre-planning permission to turn this building into a hub for creative arts and learning for young people.

While we apply for planning permission, we hope to offer some taster sessions and focus groups in creative arts to introduce the young people and community to the space and ensure they are involved in the design, development and spirit of the new building. Watch this space…

Creative writing

Our creative writing competition had a wide array of young people aged between nine and nineteen. Interestingly out of the 10 featured authors in the book we only have one young man which says a lot about the fact that we need to get to work on getting young males writing more outside of lyrics. The book (pictured) will soon be available for purchase from our website. We would like to thank the volunteers who worked one-to-one with the young people, giving them access to experienced editorial advice and support on their stories.

Finding rhythms

We have finally had the album released from the six-day Finding Rhythms music production course carried out over the summer. The quality of the music was incredible and you can stream the album here.

Future Generation Voices

Image by one of the runners-up from the ‘My London’ photography competition.

During the October half term, we finally launched our Future Generation Voices film project, which had been postponed as a result of Covid-19. A group of young people worked with Director Tyro Heath and photographer Eddie Otchere on their own three-minute short films. They are planning to enter them into a couple of film festivals and present them on the big screen as part of a larger Amplify exhibition in the New Year. We would like to extend particular thanks to one of our volunteers who helped source the funding for this programme and has also supported young people online and face to face throughout this programme.

A real privilege

This is what Nia, who joined us for the creative writing competition and for Future Generations, told us:

“I have found it a real privilege to have worked with the Rugby Portobello Trust. The people there are very kind, thoughtful and easy to talk to. I am very thankful for the opportunities they have given me and am looking forward to the outcome. I definitely see myself working with the team for a good long while. Thank you so much for including me.

P.S Thank you also again for awarding me first place in the short story competition.”




30th October 2020