Our Magic Mums tell us what they think

Two mums from our Magic Mums group wrote to us to share the difference the service has made to them...

“Words cannot express our gratitude"

“Dear RPT, Yes, l, we (as a family with my little son), and we (as a group with the other ladies) have been full of words and gratitude since we happily can walk again in the space that is familiar to us. The place when we share, laugh, cry, but above all, the place where we can be heard, loved and be helped. But sometimes we say and share so much that l feel if l write it, it will not disappear among the many, many things we talk about.

I find the world has become a bit lazy and a sense of apathy has mushroomed in the name of safety. Yes, technology has its good points, but for some of us, the virtual word is not the world we want to live in. I feel sometimes even more isolated than before and l can’t tell you how much help it is to see the people we love for real.

Every week we celebrate that you and your team do everything possible to open a door for us, when the rest of the world has become virtual. It means a lot for me to manage to get ready, to pack the buggy and leave the house in order to see you and have the huge hall to pass a happy morning. Somehow it would not mean the same in a virtual Zoom session. I believe in real life and l appreciate every effort you go to offer us a safe session in the real physical world.

I have done every effort to keep my two-year-old away from technology, hoping he will touch, sing, dance, and learn in a more independent way, instead of actually sounding like a template.

I want his fingers to paint, to squeeze, to tickle instead of just flicking the screen of a mobile or tablet. So, a virtual session doesn’t offer any benefit to us. I can’t tell you, how much good it does to me, to my son, to my family to be among familiar faces, to have some sort of continuity, structure, a place when we are welcome and greeted warmly.

We don’t have extended family so it does feel as if we find a sense of family with you and with the other ladies in a building that is ours for a couple of hours every week. If l am well, my son is well. Then my family is well, then we can bring some spark to the world, even if small. Like a snowball effect. A positive one l mean. But it only happens because of the one-to-one contact - that’s where the big changes in society start to happen.

Of course we miss our shared lunches, our loud singing, our hugs, but we understand the world is a dangerous place. 

I am writing to say thank you and express my appreciation for the support that I've received from Magic Mums over the years. The staff (both volunteers and professionals) are your biggest asset. Words cannot express how amazing Kirstin and the whole team are.”

“You cannot beat the interaction with other children”

“I just wanted to share my experience and the positive effect such a group of mums, volunteers and staff has had on my life and the life of my family and friends by extension. 

For me, MMs has always been a loving and warm place; where I have learnt so many skills and techniques for the daily challenges of being a mum. At times when I have been anxious about going out and about with my young children, MMs has always been that safe place for my children and me. Having MMs as a support network helped me immensely and gave me the courage and confidence to get on with life as a relatively new mother. 

My eldest son has almost accomplished his first half term at nursery. Considering he is one of the youngest in his class, he had no issues with separation anxiety and his confidence is great. My husband and I attribute a lot of this to Magic Mums, as this was the only space that my son had away from us. Even if it was just for an hour in the hall while I enjoyed a session with the mums in other room.

It didn't happen overnight and he used to give the volunteers the run around, moving from the big hall to come and check I was still in the class next door; but the main thing is that gradually he got used to it and we both had very fruitful sessions. You cannot beat the interaction with other children that MMs provide. 

I just ask that the mental health of mothers and equally important the social / physical development of young children are not overlooked. What we set up now in terms of learning and development is paramount for what they become tomorrow.”

20th November 2020