Support update amidst COVID-19 crisis

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and the need to close our building and suspend normal services, our team set up various methods of remote support, including regular support calls, virtual support meetings, preparing and distributing food parcels and sharing of resources to help families and individuals with their wellbeing and learning.

We have been in touch with all of our service users and have referred those needing emergency support during this crisis onto support services that will remain open (until otherwise advised), including food distribution sites. Click here to see what food support is available in North Kensington

Our service users are now receiving appropriate support, so in order to ensure that we’re in a position to open our doors and resume our services at the end of this pandemic, we have furloughed the majority of our staff.

We are keeping a core-team on in order to ensure that all queries and support needs are met at this time.

  • For building, room hire or access queries, please contact Chris Collins: 07825 037978
  • For fundraising queries and information on how you can support us at this time, please contact Erin Coburn: or 07958 472689
  • For general queries or support information, please contact Sophie FitzHugh: or 07816 138989

As soon as we’re able to, our full team will return and our doors will be open.


2nd April 2020