Youth Services

Senior Intelligence Officer for the day

A group of six young women from Youth Club attended Hendon Police Training College to experience a day as Special Investigating Officers in order to understand what it takes to solve a murder in the city of London. They were given a mock case to investigate with the same intelligence a homicide team would have, and they then dressed in forensic overalls to ‘raid’ the homes of potential suspects in rooms that had been specially designed for training officers. After retrieving weapons and evidence that would help convict a suspect, they learnt how to process and record their data before taking part in a discussion about youth violence.

Saint London opens its doors on Golborne Road

Former member of our Youth Club Reece Yeboah launched his pop-up shop on Golborne Road with his latest collection of high-quality apparel. Reece attended RPT for five years and made use of the mentoring and advice from our team, including our incredible volunteers, who offered their experiences in fashion and business. Before his pop-up shop and website went live, Reece’s collection was featured as part of Selfridges’ new Menswear Department. We’re incredibly proud of how far Reece has come and we can’t wait to see where he goes from here.

Click here to see Reece’s current collection: 

Man Cave and Boy Cave

Our Man Cave project, which expanded with the help of West London Zone from our own centre into primary and secondary schools across RBKC, Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster, continues to grow and we have started a girls-only version in secondary schools to build on the work we do currently at RPT with young women. There is now scope to extend this programme to younger girls in primary schools in order to address concerns around positive relationships and self-image.

27th February 2020