Looking ahead in 2020

The start of 2020 saw the launch of our new Amplify: Friday Lates creative arts project. Funded by the Mayor of London’s Young Londoners Fund, this is a preventative programme working with at-risk 14- to 19-year-olds (21 with SEND) and targeted at those particularly at risk of involvement with crime. We have built this new project around what our young people told us they wanted, offering a blend of music and creative arts to provide skills and access to employment, whilst at the same time giving mentoring and coaching support to help our young people navigate some very difficult transitions.

As part of our preventative approach, RPT are delighted to be expanding our Man Cave and Boy Cave programmes in primary and secondary schools. This programme, supported by West London Zone, uses small group and one-to-one sessions to support boys and young men to identify and address their emotions; positively challenge the behaviour of others; and improve their self-awareness and communication skills. This term we are launching an equivalent programme for girls, through which we will be looking at issues around friendship, confidence and behaviour.  

We are very pleased to have been jointly awarded three years’ funding from the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation to run a collaborative programme with the Harrow Club and Dalgarno Trust. This programme, called ‘The Project’, will bring young people together to benefit from the range of different opportunities each of our centres provides whilst breaking down the divisive postcode territoriality that exists. The Project will launch in April.

You will see from our newsletter that there are a number of case studies where we have shared stories to demonstrate the impact RPT has through the range of programmes we offer and the relationships we build. Throughout all these programmes, I would like to draw attention to the outstanding work and contribution of our incredible volunteers, who last year delivered over 10,000 hours of support. Thank you for everything that you do and the value you add across our services, we would not be here without your support.

Sophie Fitzhugh

Head of services

27th February 2020