New Registration System for Children and Young People


From January 2020 all children and young people who attend ou Junior Club, Homework Club and Youth Club will have to be registered for activities at RPT through an online booking system called Magic Booking.

To sign up for clubs, activities and trips you will need to create an account for yourself (if you are 13+) or for your child(ren). Click here to register on Magic Bookings.

Follow the link to create an account, add your/your child’s details and choose Rugby Portobello Trust as the centre you want to attend.

The system is user friendly and designated at RPT staff can help you with any questions you might have. Any payments that we need to take for trips will also be processed online and you won’t have to fill your details in again once you have registered.

If you or your child(ren) are already registered on Magic Booking with P3 Play or RPT football, you don't have to register again, simply add ‘Rugby Portobello Trust’ as a centre and choose which session(s) you want to book on to. Booking on to a session (for example Homework Club) will register for the rest of the school year.


19th December 2019