Magic Mums: Beyond the Call of Duty

"All our Magic Mum volunteers are amazing, but one in particular has been extraordinary”, says Magic Mums Manager Kirstin Neill-Edwards. “Befriending one of our mums who had a long stay in a mother and baby mental health unit, this volunteer visited her several times a week, mediating with social services and talking to the medical staff. She enabled her to find a new flat after accompanying her to housing appointments; she then organised the move and helped to clean the flat. She has even accompanied her to court, where she became a reassuring presence.”

Our volunteer was the only person our mum would allow to look after her baby. Very sadly, the baby is no longer living with her mother, but our volunteer still visits the mum and calls her daily. This is a very complex case, and without this volunteer's help, Magic Mums would not have been able to support the mum in the way that we have.

Social Services agreed, saying, “Thank you for all your support with [this mum]. She trusts you and that makes our job so much easier.”

New developments

Several of our mums have enrolled in courses at Kensington & Chelsea College, including accountancy, business management and childcare. Meanwhile, two others have successfully trained to be teaching assistants. We are full of admiration for all mums, but especially those who combine motherhood, work and study. Well done to all of our mums and we can't wait to hear more about their successes.

1st August 2019