Homework Club's Reading Cure

“Set up two years ago, our creative reading programme, which takes place on Wednesday afternoons, continues apace and has become an integral part of our Homework Club activities”, says Jac Mavity, Homework Club Manager.

“This small group of six to eight children is particularly good for young people who are painfully shy. Give them a script and they suddenly find their voice”, adds volunteer Jonathan Bourne, who co-hosts the reading group with volunteer Anabel Cutler.

Poems have been read, plays have been enacted, monologues have been written and read aloud and props have been made to support associated literary activities. The outcomes for this group have been various and sometimes wholly unexpected.

A Year 2 pupil, normally very quiet and shy, wrote on her evaluation sheet: “I love writing, I love reading, I love acting”, and a Year 3 student said: “I like everything about the reading group because you learn to explore literature and you are free to express yourself.”

Jac concludes: “Due to the humour, compassion and creativity of the volunteers who lead this group, previously withdrawn children have been tempted out of their shells, boisterous children have learnt to share reading and all have learnt to work as a collaborative group.”

1st August 2019