RPT receives Grenfell Together award

Last week, the Grenfell Muslim Response Unit (GMRU) hosted an event, ‘Grenfell Together’, at London’s Porchester Hall to reflect with key figures and organisations who supported residents and the community after the disaster at Grenfell Tower.

Interview panels were held featuring survivors, the Lead Coroner, a lady who organised free holidays for survivors and other local families to Cornwall, and many more.

There was also a key note speech given by London Mayor Sadiq Khan highlighting the importance of the work that was done by these organisations and individuals in the recovery process, and the need for the learning that has come out of this tragedy to be taken on board.

The award we received was a pleasant surprise; a salute to us at the Rugby Portobello Trust going above and beyond the call of duty in our response to supporting the survivors and the wider community.

1st February 2019