Improving partnerships, increasing impact

The programmes offered through RPT are extensive and varied, but we know we need support from other organisations to truly impact lives of young people for the long-term, which is why we’re working on increasing our partnership work within our youth services. We already have an incredible network of supporting and referral organisations, but this term we’ve built more collaborative relationships with the MET Police Services, who are working with us to support young people who are on the cusp of engagement with serious crime, and we’ve developed our referral pathways with the Ormiston Academies Trust, which operates the alternative provision school in our building, supporting secondary school pupils to avoid permanent exclusion (formerly Walmer Road School run by RPT).

We’ve been working collaboratively with these partners to build bespoke support sessions for some of the most at-risk young people. Through structured support, we’ve helped these young people to identify their passions, engage in difficult conversations, take responsibility for their own safety and wellbeing and develop good habits around healthy eating and regular exercise. We’ve simultaneously continued to deliver the in-school portion of our Man Cave mental wellbeing sessions, supporting young men to identify and address toxic masculinity and to learn the skills to talk about their mental health.

The headteacher of Ormiston Academies Trust alternative provision school based at RPT said:

‘I just wanted to write a quick acknowledgment of the hard work and effort you have put into engaging pupils from a diverse range of socio-economic backgrounds with wide ranging cultural diversity and giving them great opportunities at RPT. You have shown how much you care about providing a safe space for children that struggle with social interaction and also shown a great understanding of children with wide ranging neurodiversity. 

‘I would like to acknowledge the work with Kane* specifically and the great relationship you have formed with him in the time he has been with us and the other learners from this provision that you have supported. I think it is fantastic for them to have the opportunities you have given them, including getting them involved in local football teams and giving them different outlets to express themselves here in music and mentoring sessions.’

*name changed


19th December 2023