Rita Ora performs ‘Your Song’ at Rugby Portobello Trust!

A group of young people at Rugby Portobello Trust (RPT) had a huge surprise recently, as popstar Rita Ora dropped in to sing for them.

Rita used to live locally and attended RPT’s activities and youth groups from the age of 14. She was ‘overjoyed’ to come back to RPT, said Youth Services Coordinator, Rupert Taylor.

“When Rita came in, I said ‘Welcome home!’ I’ve known her since she was about 10, from when she used to live across the road and I used to attend RPT as a boy. When the production company for Your Song approached her, she said she didn’t want to do it for anyone apart from us.”


Rupert with presenter Emma Willis and Rita Ora

Rita slipped into RPT’s onsite sound studio during a music session for young people, leaving everyone in the room gobsmacked. She then treated them to a live acoustic version of her own hit, also entitled ‘Your Song’.

17-year-old Leora was singing at the microphone when Rita came into the room and joined in, complimenting her on her voice. Leora said: “I can’t believe I just sang with Rita Ora, this was the best day ever!”

Rugby Portobello Trust is part of P3 Charity, and supports children, young people and families, aiming to give those from difficult and deprived backgrounds the opportunity to grow their skills, connect with their local community and take part in activities such as music workshops and cookery as well as offsite trips.

In the show, Rita commented: "This was the first place I recorded anything with my voice on it. It gave me facilities that I wouldn't necessarily have been able to afford, like a computer and a laptop, and also, it made me not waste my time."

This episode of Your Song was originally broadcast on ITV on 22 October 2017.

23rd October 2017