Join us for Midsummer Music with Melvyn Tan

Join us for Midsummer Music on 28 June 2022, featuring internationally renowned pianist Melvyn Tan and hosted by journalist and author Emily Maitlis alongside presenter and journalist Jon Sopel.

Melvyn will be returning to the venue where he played in support of the North Kensington community, exactly three weeks before the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. Please join us as we mark the five-year anniversary, bringing Melvyn back to Kensington Aldridge Academy in support of the children and young people of North Kensington.

The North Kensington community was still dealing with the impact of the fire as we were thrust into the Covid-19 pandemic. As we emerge from the uncertainties of the pandemic, our focus has been on supporting the mental wellbeing of our community, helping to build their resilience as we face increasing costs-of-living and up-skilling our community to close the digital divide that was highlighted as the world moved online.

This year’s Midsummer Music will raise more than £40,000 to continue our mental health support, to run employment and skills-building workshops with our young people and to continue our digital inclusion work, ensuring everyone in our community has the skills and knowledge to access online resources safely.

Please support us by joining us for an evening with Melvyn Tan on 28 June.


23rd May 2022